SHERPAO, HAYAT MUHAMMAD KHAN (1935-1975) Hayat Muhammad Khan Sherpao of the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) was one of several young politicians whom Zulfikar Ali Bhutto attracted to the Pakistan People’s Party as its “founding members” Sherpao came to the party with no political background and baggage and was fully committed to implementing the new party’s socialist program In that respect he was more in line with the politics of the Khudai Khidmatgars (KK), although he had very little affection for Wali Khan, who had inherited the KK mantle from Abdul Ghaffar Khan When Bhutto came to power in December 1971, he appointed Sherpao governor of the NWFP Sherpao moved to Islamabad as a minister in the central Cabinet when a National Awami Party/Jamiatul-Ulemai-Islam (NAP-JUI) government took office in Peshawar in 1972 On 8 February 1975, Sherpao was assassinated while addressing a public meeting in the university town of Peshawar The government reacted by arresting a number of opposition leaders, including Wali Khan, and declaring the NAP an illegal organization

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