Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Coordinators

KPPSC Tests Types

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission takes two types of Examinations or Tests

1: Competitive Exams 2: Ability tests

1: Competitive Exams: KP Public Service Commission takes written Competitive Examination for Provincial Management Services and for Civil Judges. PMS and Civil Judge Exam is a pre-defined Syllabus based Exams. And each has its own Papers according to Syllabus. If you are interested in PMS then you can visit PMS Section.

2: Ability tests. These are normal Tests which has single paper MCQs type Paper. Normally this paper includes 100 MCQs based on Syllabus provided by KP Public Service Commission. Major portion of Paper includes MCQs about related to subject and other portions are mostly from English Subject.

We are providing KP Public Service Commission Syllabus for Ability Tests. The Syllabus for different Jobs and Subject is taken from Letters issued to Candidates from KP Public Service Commission.

Preparation for Ability Test: Books are available for passing KP Public Service Commission Tests in market written by local writers. For Candidates who wants to practice on MCQs, we are launching an Online Test System which will take online Exams. Using this system you will be able how to prepare your Subject.

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