How to answer a question in CSS?

Dear aspirants, i have observed from the recent initiative that majority of students have knowledge and basics of events happening inside and outside Pakistan but what they lack is #How to express it effectively.

Remember 1 thing, this is competitive examination and you don’t just have to pass it with 33/40 marks rather you have to make best out of it. so everything matters.

When questions are same, data is same, knowledge is same, sources of information gathering are same(in case of majority of students) then what will make the difference? how will you gather maximum marks? following are the golden ways to do it.

1- Always remember that you have to create a difference. for example if you are talking about agricultural decline in Pakistan you can simple say that #Pakistan‘s agriculture production is decreasing and government is doing nothing about it~

Now this can be said in a more effective and well elaborated way. like #there is widespread tenancy due to unequal distribution of lands, a lot has been done on papers but very less is seen becoming a reality, agriculture is declining due to ineffective policies and lack of implementation of laws~

2- You always have to avoid sweeping statements and generalizations. A learned man never ever generalizes a scenario and never ever talks without giving proper reference and evidence of that talk. So please always write with references and dont try to fake them out.

3- I have seen many of you expressing your views but not prioritizing them which also indicates that you have poor power of expression. What is of highest importance, the most severe problem/solution/issue/cause/impact should be discussed at start and then move on with lesser important one and at the end the least important and least relevant one.

4- Last but not least, there are always two ways of saying the same thing by using different synonyms and same words. Repetition of Ideas and of words must be avoided as much as possible. Make a document/file of #Most commonly used words in writings, find out their synonyms and write them up. Whenever you start writing any task, keep that file of synonyms in front of you so as to avoid repetition.

I hope it helps.

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