ELECTIONS OF 1954, EAST BENGAL The first electoral contest of any significance since the establishment of Pakistan in 1947 was held in East Bengal, now Bangladesh, in March 1954 By then, the Muslim League had lost most of its popular support in the province The opposition to the Muslim League government in Dacca (Dhaka) was able to organize itself under the banner of the United Front, led by A K Fazlul Haq Election results were announced on 19 March The United Front captured 223 out of the 309 seats in the provincial legislature The Scheduled Caste Federation came in second with 27 seats, the Minorities United Front won 10 seats, and the Communist Party captured 4 seats Various small parties secured the remaining 11 seats The United Front was expected to do well, but a total rout of the Muslim League had not been predicted

From this time on, and until the breakup of Pakistan in December 1971, no single political party was able to cultivate a large following in either of the two wings

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