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THE BROWN AMENDMENT The “Brown amendment,” named after its chief sponsor, Hank Brown, the Republican senator from Colorado, was passed by the US Senate on 21 September 1995 The amendment was, in effect, a one-time waiver of the Pressler amendment that had virtually stopped all US assistance, military and economic, to Pakistan The Brown amendment allowed Pakistan to receive $368 million worth of military equipment, for which it had already made the payment prior to the adoption of the Pressler amendment Most of the senators from President Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party opposed the amendment, even though it had the approval of the White House However, the amendment did not approve the supply of F-16 aircraft for which Pakistan had already paid In the same amendment, the Senate also agreed to authorize resumption of U

S aid to and cooperation with Pakistan in the areas of counterterrorism, narcotics, and other law-enforcement fields

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