MEMON, JUSTICE BACHAL (1914-1978) Justice Bachal Memon was a member of the Sindh Chief Court (now the Sindh Court) bench that heard the case filed by Maulvi Tamizuddin in 1954 against the dismissal of the Constituent Assembly by Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad The governor-general had taken the action in order to preempt the Constituent Assembly from limiting the powers that were given to him by the India Independence Act of 1947 The Sindh Chief Court not only admitted the case against the governorgeneral, it went on to declare the governor-general’s dismissal of the assembly as unconstitutional This was one of the rare occasions that Pakistan’s judiciary was to act totally independent of the executive The Sindh Court’s judgment was written by Justice Memon, but was overturned when the government appealed the decision to the federal court presided over by Chief Justice Muhammad Munir

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