MASHRIQI, ALLAMA INYATULLAH KHAN (1888-1963) Allama Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi was one of the more colorful and eccentric political figures of Muslim India He graduated in mathematics from Cambridge University in England and upon returning to Pakistan he jointed the Indian Educational Service and rose to become principal of Islamia College, Peshawar Islam had a strong presence in both Peshawar and Islamia College, the city’s most prominent educational institution It was during his stay in Peshawar that Mashriqi decided to devote his life to improving the economic well-being of the Muslims of IndiaMashriqi resigned from the Indian Educational Service and joined the Khilifat movement-an effort by the Muslims of British India to provide assistance to the Ottoman Turks in their struggle against the British After the Khilifat movement collapsed, Mashriqi founded his own party, the Khaksars, or the “humble ones” The Khaksars was a paramilitary organization; as such, it was looked on with disfavor by the British administration in India Like a number of other Muslims, Mashriqi also believed that the best way to help the Muslims of British India was not to create a separate homeland for them but to improve the economic and social conditions of Muslims the world over, including those living in all parts of British India Accordingly, he did not support the idea of Pakistan and the establishment of a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India Once Pakistan came into being, however, he brought his followers to the new country and began to work for the establishment of an Islamic order

He founded the Islamic League, but the party attracted little support and Mashriqi became politically irrelevant He was largely ignored by the new leaders of Pakistan

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