MARTIAL LAW, THIRD Pakistan’s third-and longest lasting-general martial law was imposed by General Zia ul-Haq, on 5 July 1977 Although the National and Provincial Assemblies were dismissed, the Constitution of 1973 was not abrogated It was merely suspended during the life of the martial law General Zia ul-Haq retained Fazal Elahi Chaudhry as president, appointing himself the chief martial-law administrator Return to civilian rule under the constitution of 1973 was promised within 90 days, after which the military was to have returned to the barracks The chief justices of the four provincial high courts were appointed governors of the provinces It was only in September 1978, 15 months after the country was brought under the rule of the military, that Zia’s military shed its civilian clothes Zia ul-Haq became president and replaced the provincial governors with army generals Martial law lasted for 3,100 days It was lifted on 30 December 1985 when Muhammad Khan Junejo was appointed prime minister

Zia ul-Haq stayed on as president, however, and retained the powerful position of COAS

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