MAHBUB UL HAQ HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE In 1995, Mahbub ul Haq returned to Pakistan to establish the Human Development Centre at Islamabad The Centre, supported by grants from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the governments of Canada and Norway, was commissioned to prepare and publish reports on various aspects of human development in the South Asian region The UNDP also provided support to regional centers in several other parts of the developing world The Islamabad Centre’s first report, The Challenge of Human Development, was launched by Mahbub ul Haq in the summer of 1997 The Centre was preparing its second report, The Education Challenge, when Mahbub ul Haq died in New York The Centre’s Board of Governors, which included Shahid Javed Burki and Moeen Qureshi, decided to rename the institution the Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre and appointed Khadija Haq, Mahbub ul Haq’s widow, as its president The Centre has continued to publish annual reports In addition to the report on education published in 1998, the Centre published The Crisis of Governance in 1999, The Gender Question in 2002, Globalization and Human Development in 2001, Agriculture and Rural Development in 2002, The Employment Challenge in 2003, and The Health Challenge in 2004 Each report was launched at an international workshop held either in South Asia or in the capital city of one of the Centre’s donor agenciesContinuing Mahbub ul Haq’s legacy, the Centre provides a unique perspective in three ways: first, by analyzing the process of human development, the analytical work of the Centre puts people at the center of economic, political, and social policies; second, the South Asia regional focus of the Centre enables an examination of issues of regional importance; and third, the Centre’s comparative analysis provides a yardstick for the progress and setbacks of South Asia, visà-vis the rest of the world

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