LOCAL BODIES ELECTIONS OF 1987 The first local bodies elections under the system introduced in 1987 were held in November of the same year after President Zia ul-Haq had surrendered some power to an elected government and Muhammad Khan Junejo had become prime minister The elections chose members of 4,467 local councils including 11 municipal corporations, 127 municipal committees, 186 town committees, 65 zila (district) councils, and 3,971 union councils Punjab had 2,627 local councils of which 7 were municipal corporations (Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujranwala, Sargodah, and Sialkot), 67 municipal committees, 135 town committees, 29 zila councils, and 2,392 union councils Sindh, Pakistan’s secondlargest province, had 767 local councils of which there were only two municipal corporations (Karachi and Hyderabad), 33 municipal committees, 108 town committees, 13 zila councils, and 653 union councils The Northwest Frontier Province had 706 local councils with one municipal corporation (Peshawar), 17 municipal committees, 23 town committees, 13 zila councils, and 653 union councils Finally, Balochistan, Pakistan’s smallest province in terms of population but its largest in terms of geographical area, had one municipal corporation (Quetta), 10 municipal committees, 20 town committees, 19 zila councils, and 315 union councils, making a system of 365 local councils In 1987, the entire system had 61,000 elected members

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