LAW REFORM COMMISSION OF 1958 As president Muhammad Ayub Khan was to explain later in his political biography, the principal purpose of his coup d’etat (he called it “my revolution”) was to bring Pakistan into the 20th century by modernizing its institutional structure Although he had his own ideas about the changes he wanted to introduce, he nevertheless freely sought advice from people he considered more knowledgeable than himself One way of receiving this advice was to appoint commissions of inquiry with clear terms of reference A Law Reform Commission was among the dozens of commissions appointed in 1958-1959 It was convened in November 1958, with the injunction to study the entire legal infrastructure and to suggest how it could be modernizedAs instructed, the Commission reported back in one year, but its recommendations were less epoch-making than had been expected It made 368 recommendations dealing with legal procedures, legal conduct, and the structure of the legal system It also covered the area of family laws Its suggestion that special family courts should be established influenced the content of the Family Laws Ordinance of 1961

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