LATIF OF BHIT, SHAH ABDUL (1609-1672) Shah Abdul Latif of Bhit occupies a special place of honor among the “saints of Sindh,” a group of religious leaders who first brought Islam to the lower Indus valley He was born in 1609 in Hela Haveli His family had migrated to Sindh from the city of Heart in Afghanistan, a prominent center of Sufist learning Shah Abdul Karim of Bulri, Latif’s greatgrandfather, had been recognized in his own time both as a poet and a saint Latif followed in the family tradition Not much is known about Latif’s formal education, but the scope and sweep of his verse, composed mostly in his native Sindhi, suggests considerable familiarity not only with Persian and Arabic-languages that all reasonably literate Muslims were expected to know-but also with such vernacular dialects as Balochi, Punjabi, and Seraiki Shah Abdul Latif’s urs (death anniversary) brings tens of thousands of devotees to the mausoleum that was built at Bhit Shah by Shulam Shah Kalhoro, the ruler of Sindh, in the middle of the eighteenth century See also CHISTI

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