LAND REFORMS OF 1977 The third attempt to address persistent inequities in land distribution in West Pakistan was made in 1977 On 7 January 1977, acting on the advice of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, President Fazal Elahi Chaudhry promulgated the Land Reform Ordinance of 1977 (Ordinance II of 1977) These reforms, like those attempted in 1959 and 1972, had a marginal effect on land distributionThe 1977 land reforms had three significant features: they reduced the ceiling on land holdings to 100 acres of irrigated land; allowed compensation to the people who were required to surrender land in the form of long-maturity government bonds; and the land assumed by the government was offered without charge to landless peasants and small landholders About 18 million acres of land were surrendered to the government under the reforms, of which 900,000 acres were distributed among 13,143 persons See also LAND REFORMS OF 1959; LAND REFORMS OF 1972

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