KHIZAR HAYAT KHAN TIWANA (1900-1986) Sir Khizar Hayat Khan Tiwana was born in 1900 into the politically powerful Tiwana family of Shahpur (Sargodah) in northwest Punjab He was educated at Oxford and briefly served in the British Indian Army in the closing days of World War I He was elected to the Punjab assembly in 1937 and served as minister of public works in the Unionist cabinet headed by Sir Sikander Hayat Khan In 1942, following the death of Sir Sikander, he was elected president of the Unionist Party, a development that was to profoundly effect not only the politics of his native Punjab but of the entire Muslim community of British IndiaKhizar took the Unionist Party out of the Muslim League in 1946 and decided to fight the elections held that year on a platform that supported the concept of a united India, presumably under continuing British rule The Muslim League won a plurality in the Provincial Assembly but did not have enough seats to form a government on its own Khizar refused to cooperate with the League; instead, he aligned the Unionists with the Hindu-dominated Indian National Congress and the Sikh-dominated Akali Dal to form a coalition government in April 1946 These moves, including the decision to ban the Muslim League National Guards as a paramilitary organization, won him the permanent wrath of the majority of Muslims in Punjab A mass agitation was launched against him by the Muslim League, and hundreds of thousands of people came out in the streets all over the province Jails were soon filled with agitators, and Khizar was unable to cope with the situation

He resigned in March 1947, a few weeks before the British announced their intention to leave India after partitioning it into the independent states of India and Pakistan He did not play any role in politics after Pakistan came into being, although some attempts were made to draw him back into the political arena See also TIWANAS

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