KHAD Following the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, the security services in the country were reorganized The KAM, the Workers Intelligence Department, was rechristened as the KhAD, the State Information Department It soon became obvious that the communist rulers of Afghanistan would rely extensively on the KhAD not only to keep a watchful eye on their citizens but also to intimidate Pakistan While Pakistan was actively supporting the Afghan muhajideen in the struggle against the communist rulers and their Soviet supporters, the KhAD masterminded a series of attacks in the major cities of Pakistan In carrying out this mandate, it came into direct conflict with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) The war between the two intelligence agencies was to take a heavy toll in both countriesThe KhAD worked in Pakistan by getting its agents to infiltrate the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan and the Afghan communities in such major cities as Karachi and Peshawar It made use of the weapons found in the armories of all intelligence agencies in the countries of the former Soviet bloc; the KhAD murdered people it suspected of collaborating with Pakistan and the mujahideen and set off car bombs in Pakistan’s cities In 1987 alone, bomb explosions in Pakistan’s major cities claimed 350 livesThe withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan in 1989 and the collapse of the communist regime soon thereafter resulted in the demise of the KhAD

Most of its personnel were either killed or went underground With the demise of the agency, Afghanistan lost the capability of fomenting trouble in Pakistan

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