KAYANI, CHIEF JUSTICE MUHAMMAD RUSTAM (1902-1962)Muhammad Rustam Kayani was born in 1902 in the village of Shahpur in Kohat district, Northwest Frontier Province He joined the Indian Civil Service (ICS) in 1922 and then went to Cambridge University for training in law and administration He joined the judicial branch of the ICS early in his career and held several judicial positions in Punjab and the Northwest Frontier Province Soon after the establishment of Pakistan, he was appointed to the Lahore Court as an associate judge In 1953, Justice Kayani was appointed the head of the commission set up by the government of Pakistan to inquire into the circumstances that resulted in the anti-Ahmadiya riots in Punjab The Kayani Inquiry Commission Report was a tour de force in the sense that it offered an assessment of how the various organs of the state, including the Civil Service, should operate particularly in time of crises In April 1958, Kayani was appointed chief justice of the Lahore High Court He used this position to speak openly about what ailed Pakistan at that time In a number of speeches given around the country, he spoke about social justice and the importance of the rule of lawIt was inevitable that the outspoken chief justice of the Lahore High Court, the most prestigious of Pakistan’s superior courts, would come into conflict with the military when Pakistan was placed under martial law by General Muhammad Ayub Khan in October 1958

His open criticism of many facets of martial law cost him elevation to the Supreme Court He retired from the Lahore High Court in October 1962 and died in Chittagong in November of the same year while on a visit to East Pakistan

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