KARDAR, ABDUL HAFEEZ (1925-1996) Abdul Hafeez Kardar was born in Lahore on 17 January 1925 He was the youngest member of the Indian cricket team that went to England in 1946 for the first postwar tour of that country by an Asian side He played 26 “test matches” during his career, three of which he played for India After the tour was over, he stayed in England, changed his name to Abdul Hafeez Kardar, went to Oxford to study philosophy, politics, and economics, and played cricket for Oxford University He returned to Pakistan in 1949 and led the country’s cricket team in test victories against England at the Oval, London, over Australia in Karachi, over India in Lucknow, and over the West Indies in Port of SpainKardar joined Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party soon after it was formed, won a seat in the Punjab provincial assembly in the elections of 1970, and served as minister of food and education in the PPP government His last government appointment was as Pakistan’s ambassador to Switzerland from 1991 to 1993

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