KARAKORAM HIGHWAY The Karakoram Highway-also known as KKH-connects the northern parts of Pakistan with the Chinese province of Xinjiang The road follows the Indus River from Abbotabad in Pakistan to Hunza, also in Pakistan From Hunza it follows the Hunza River, a tributary of the Indus It crosses into China at the Khunjerab Pass, and then cuts across the great Pamir Plateau in Xinjiang It ends in the ancient city of Khashakar, now called Kashi The road’s alignment is generally the same as the old Silk Road that was supposedly taken by Marco Polo, the Italian explorer The decision to build the road was taken after China and Pakistan demarcated their border in the early 1960s It took a dozen years to build, from the late 1960s until the early 1980s The Chinese provided assistance to Pakistan’s Frontier Works Organization in completing the Pakistan side of the road The road became a major trade route between China and Pakistan

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