JAM GHULAM QADIR KHAN OF LASBELA (c 1915-1994) Jam Ghulam Qadir Khan belonged to what was once the “princely state” of Lasbela, in Balochistan His state became a part of the province of Balochistan The Jam-as he was usually called-gained political prominence during the administration of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto In 1973, Bhutto had alienated all the major tribal sardars (chiefs) of Balochistan by dismissing the provincial government that had been formed by the National Awami Party (NAP) and the Jamiatul-Ulemai-Islam (JUI) Bhutto accused the NAP-JUI coalition of anti-state activities The result of this action was open revolt against the central authorities, and Bhutto had to call in the army to bring peace to Balochistan However, peace did not return while Bhutto was in power In these difficult circumstances, Bhutto needed the support of a reasonably well-placed tribal sardar to help him in the province He turned to the Jam and appointed him chief minister of the province

The Jam served in that position for almost three years He left office on 31 December 1975, when Bhutto again brought Balochistan under “president’s rule” Jam of Lasbela returned to politics in 1985 when President Zia ulHaq lifted martial law and appointed Muhammad Khan Junejo prime minister of Pakistan Junejo, in turn, appointed civilian governments in the four provinces The government in Balochistan was headed by the Jam, who served as the chief minister of the province for the second time He was dismissed by President Zia on 29 May 1988, along with Prime Minister Junejo and all other provincial chief ministers Jam Qadir Khan died in Karachi, in 1994

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