JALIB, HABIB (c 1952-1994) Habib Jalib was a poet in the tradition of Faiz Ahmad Faiz Like Faiz, he used the idiom of poetry to communicate political messages to his diverse audience Jalib’s poetry called for an end to exploitation, feudalism, obscurantism, and imperialism He gained prominence during the 1960s when Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, Pakistan’s first military ruler, held power and succeeded in silencing all voices of dissent Jalib’s was one of the few voices that continued to challenge military authority by calling the poor and the underprivileged to fight for their economic, social, and political rights Jalib was imprisoned several times for expressing views that ran counter to those of the government of the day He continued to be out of favor even with the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, which succeeded the military regimes of Muhammad Ayub Khan and Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan Jalib’s view of the quality of governance provided by Bhutto and his Pakistan People’s Party was no less critical

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