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ISKANDER MIRZA, GENERAL (1899-1969) Iskander Mirza belonged to the family of the nawabs of Murshidabad He was the first Indian to graduate from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, although he did not serve for very long in the British Indian Army He joined the Indian Political Service in 1931 and opted to serve in Pakistan after the partition of British India He was appointed defense secretary in 1947 and held that position for seven years It was in this capacity that he developed close relations with the senior officers of the Pakistani army, including General Muhammad Ayub Khan Following the dismissal of the provincial government headed by A K Fazlul Haq in 1954, he was appointed governor of the province of East Pakistan He returned to Karachi a year later and was appointed minister of defense In 1955, he took over as governor-general from the ailing Ghulam Muhammad

A few months later, after the promulgation of Pakistan’s first constitution, the constitution of 1956, he was appointed president He remained president until 27 October 1958 when General Muhammad Ayub Khan, having proclaimed martial law, sent him into exile in London

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