INDIAN CIVIL SERVICE (ICS) The Indian Civil Service was established by the British Government in 1857 when it took over the administration of India from the East India Company Recruitment to the service was initially open only to the British The ICS quickly built a reputation as a premier public service once its recruits demonstrated their ability not only to administer India but also as scholars and statesmen Induction into the service was on the basis of an entrance examination; once admitted into the service, new recruits were sent to reputable universities in Britain for training in public administration, Indian history, and various Indian languages In 1899, Indians were allowed to enter this service In 1947, when Pakistan was born, 81 ICS offices, some of them British but most of them Muslim, opted to serve in the new country They were initially inducted into a new service, the Pakistan Administration Service In 1951, the name was changed to the Civil Service of Pakistan

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