INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC GROUP (IDG) On 24 January 2005, a group of politicians, most of whom were once prominent members of the Pakistan Muslim League, formed a new political group to “wage a struggle for the restoration of the 1973 Constitution, and undiluted parliamentary democracy in the country” The group held its first meeting at the Islamabad residence of former National Assembly speaker Syed Fakhr Imam and his wife Begum Abida Hussain, former Pakistani ambassador to the United States They were joined by Elahi Baksh Soomro from Sindh, Sardar Wazir Ahmad Jogezai and Mir Taj Muhammad Jamali from Balochistan, and Mian Muhammad Azhar, Nawabzada Mohsin Ali Khan, and Ghulam Sarwar Cheema, all from Punjab The IDG announced its “willingness to cooperate with and join any anti-Musharraf movement launched by the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy, or the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal It said that it would field candidates for the next general elections under its flag It also called for an end to the military’s operation in Balochistan

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