GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT OF 1909 The Government of India Act of 1909-also known as the Minto-Morley Act, after Lord Minto, viceroy of India, and John Morley, secretary of state for India in the British Cabinet in London, respectively-was a major initiative undertaken by Great Britain toward the introduction of self-government in India The Act brought Indians into the viceroy’s executive council and in similar bodies aiding provincial governors The Act also provided for the election of Indians to the legislative councils at both the central and provincial levels Not all members of the legislative councils were to be elected, however The Act gave the government of India the authority to nominate people to the legislative councilsThe Act made a major concession to the Muslim community by accepting the principle of “separate electorates” This was a longstanding demand of the Muslim League Separate electorates meant that Muslim voters voted only for Muslim candidates, whereas nonMuslims could vote for a candidate from any community except the Muslims

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