FAZLUL HAQ, ABUL KASEM (1873-1962) A K Fazlul Haq was one of the most prominent leaders of Muslim Bengal during the first half of the 20th century He joined the All-India Muslim League in 1913 and remained an active member until 1942 when a dispute with Muhammad Ali Jinnah led to his resignation While still with the Muslim League, he moved the “Pakistan Resolution” on 23 March 1940 at the annual meeting of the party in Lahore In 1954, he led the Krishak Sramik Party into a grand coalition with a number of other parties, including the Awami League, to challenge the Muslim League in the provincial elections of 1954 This United Front swept to victory, and Fazlul Haq became the chief minister of East Pakistan His government was dismissed within a few months of taking office by Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad The central government accused Fazlul Haq of working toward the establishment of an independent Bengal A year later, he was accepted into the mainstream of Pakistani politics and was appointed as a minister in the central government

He served as governor of East Pakistan for two years (1956-1958) but retired from politics when Muhammad Ayub Khan declared martial law

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