DIRECT ACTION DAY (16 AUGUST 1946) Convinced that his demand for the creation of Pakistan, a separate state for the Muslims of British India, had not been treated with enough seriousness by either the British or the Indian National Congress, Muhammad Ali Jinnah asked the Muslim League legislators meeting in New Delhi on 27 July 1946, to call for a “direct action day” The meeting also endorsed a major change in the “Pakistan resolution” passed by the Muslim League at its annual meeting held in Lahore on 23 March 1940 The earlier resolution had called for the establishment of Muslim states The resolution passed by the legislators in 1946 called for the establishment of a single Muslim state named Pakistan The call for the observance of the day was heeded by the Muslim community all over India Hartals (work stoppages) by Muslim businesses marked the day Jinnah had appealed for calm while the day was being observed, but that was not to be the case There were serious clashes in Bengal between Hindus and Muslims, which left scores dead or injured The “day” was a success in other ways Its observance signaled the seriousness with which the Muslim community all over India viewed the creation of Pakistan

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