DAULATANA, MIAN MUMTAZ MUHAMMAD KHAN (1916-1995) Daulatana, the scion of a well-established landowning family of Central Punjab, was educated at Oxford, in England He was elected to the Punjab legislative assembly in 1943 and went on to win seats in both the Provincial and National Assemblies in the elections of 1946 He was elected president of the Punjab Muslim League in 1948 and joined the government of Chief Minister Iftikhar Mamdot as finance minister in 1951 Later in the year, he replaced Mamdot as Punjab’s chief minister In 1953, following his inability to control the anti-Ahmadiya movement, he stepped down as chief minister He took an active part in organizing the Council Muslim League to challenge the Convention Muslim League, which supported the military government of Field Marshal Ayub Khan He served as ambassador to England, during the administration of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in the early 1970s He retired from politics following the completion of his tenure and lived in Lahore for the remaining years of his life

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