CRICKET Cricket is Pakistan’s most popular game Introduced to the South Asian sub-continent in the late 18th century, it was played initially by the British administrators, soldiers, and businessmen working in their expanding Indian domain Over time, several clubs were established in which cricket was the main sport The clubs did not offer membership to the Indians While being excluded from the formal part of the game, cricket became popular among the natives, with its rules learnt by watching it played by the British As the British allowed Indian participation in the country’s administrative structure and in the military, they also permitted the Indians into their country clubs Moreover, they allowed the mixed clubs to organize national cricket tournaments, which then led to the formation of an official team that began to formally participate in the sport at the international level Several Indian Muslim princes-in particular, the rulers of Bhopal, Hyderabad, and Patudi-became important patrons and sponsors of the sport, and a number of Muslim players gained recognition during the fading days of the British rule of India There were a number of talented Muslim players playing the game at the time of the birth of Pakistan; they migrated to Pakistan to form the backbone of the official Pakistani team Among them was Abdul Hafiz Kardar, who was chosen to lead the first Pakistani visit to India in 1952, and to Great Britain in 1954, the home of cricket

The Pakistani team also included Fazal Mahmood, a medium pace bowler who became a legend in helping Pakistan to win “test matches” in both engagements In the 1970s, an Australian entrepreneur introduced “one day cricket international” into the sport to make it attractive for TV audiences The introduction of a short one-day match in which each side is allowed to play one inning, and only 50 overs or 300 balls can be bowled, changed the nature of the sport and brought large audiences to watch the games shown on TV It was also decided to launch a cricket world cup, patterned after the world soccer cup, to be contested every four years in a different location Eight such cups have been played, the last jointly hosted by Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe in early 2003 Pakistan having won the fifth cup in 1992, under the leadership of Imran Khan, performed poorly and did not reach the finalsCricket has also played a role in helping India and Pakistan to continue to talk to each other at difficult times in their relations In April 2005, President Pervez Musharraf invited himself to watch the last match played between his country’s team and India, and used his visit to hold a summit with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

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