COUNCIL MUSLIM LEAGUE The Council Muslim League was founded in 1963, after President Ayub Khan decided to revive political parties The president’s supporters reorganized the Muslim League at a convention held in Rawalpindi, the interim capital Although the party was formally called the Pakistan Muslim League, it came to be known instead as the Convention Muslim League to distinguish it from the party that was organized by another group of former Muslim Leaguers The latter party came to be called the Council Muslim League, and drew the support of the members of the Pakistan Muslim League-the party, the military government dissolved in 1958-who did not support Ayub Khan’s political order, but wished, instead, to see Pakistan return to parliamentary democracy Among those who were attracted to the Council Muslim League were Fatima Jinnah, Mian Mumtaz Daulatana, and Chaudhri Muhammad Ali In 1964, the Council League joined a number of other opposition parties to form the Combined Opposition Party (COP) The COP put Fatima Jinnah as its candidate for the presidential election held in December 1964 Ayub Khan won the contest but with a margin much smaller than generally expected The Council Muslim League faded away after the resignation of Ayub Khan in March 1969

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