CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY, SECOND The dissolution of the First Constituent Assembly resulted in a number of landmark decisions by the federal court In the Usif Patel case, the federal court unanimously decided that the task of framing a constitution could not be assumed by the governor-general; it had to be performed by a representative body On 10 May 1955, the federal court declared that the governor-general was not empowered to summon a constitutional convention, as was his intention, but had to form a Constituent Assembly to function under the provision of the Indian Independence Act of 1947 Accordingly, the Second Constituent Assembly was elected in June 1955 and met for its first session in Murree, on 7 July 1955 The session was presided over by Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani, the governor-general’s nominee The assembly’s regular sessions were held later in Karachi As with the first assembly, it acted both as the federal legislature and as the body entrusted with the task of framing a constitution In the former capacity, it passed the Unification of West Pakistan Bill on 30 September 1955 On 8 January 1956, it produced a draft constitution which, with some amendments, was adopted on 29 February 1956 On 23 March 1956, the Second Constituent Assembly reconstituted itself as the national legislature under the constitution it had adopted earlier


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