COMBINED OPPOSITION PARTY (COP) The Combined Opposition Party was formed in the fall of 1964 to challenge President Ayub Khan at the presidential polls scheduled for December This was the first election to be held under the constitution of 1962 The opposition to Ayub Khan had hoped to force the president to adopt a political structure more to its liking It preferred a parliamentary system over the presidential form introduced by Ayub Khan in 1962 Once convinced that the president was not inclined to accept the demand of the opposition, a number of political parties chose to pool their resources and organize an electoral alliance of the type that had appeared before in the country’s history Among the more prominent parties that were assembled under the umbrella of the COP were the Council Muslim League, the Awami League, and the National Awami Party The COP leadership was able to persuade Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and a persistent critic of the system introduced by Ayub Khan, to become its candidate in the presidential election In spite of her advanced years, Ms Jinnah campaigned well and was able to win the support of more “Basic Democrats” than was thought possible by the government The COP was disbanded after the elections

It was succeeded by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)-another opposition alliance-that was to successfully challenge Ayub Khan in 1968-1969

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