CHUNDRIGAR, ISMAIL IBRAHIM (1897-1960) I I Chundrigar was born in Bombay and received a degree in law from Bombay University He began his legal career in Ahmadabad, but on being elected to the Bombay Legislative Assembly, in February 1937, he moved his legal practice to Bombay He was elected president of the Bombay Muslim League in 1940 for a period of five years In 1943, he was elected to the All-India Muslim League Working Committee, which functioned as the policy-making body for the party In 1946, he was one of the five members of the Muslim League to join the Interim Government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru After the establishment of Pakistan, Chundrigar moved to Karachi and was included as a minister in the first Cabinet under Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan He left the Cabinet in May 1948 to become Pakistan’s first ambassador to Afghanistan but was recalled from Kabul in 1950 to assume the governorship of the Northwest Frontier Province In 1951, he was sent to Lahore as governor of Punjab

He resigned from this position in 1953 because of differences with Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad over the handling of the anti-Ahmadiya agitation In 1955, he was invited back into the central Cabinet When H S Suhrawardhy became prime minister, I I Chundrigar was elected to lead the opposition in the National Assembly Upon Suhrawardhy’s dismissal by President Iskander Mirza, he was invited to become prime minister He remained in office for only 54 days, from 18 October to 11 December 1957, one of the shortest tenures of any prime minister in the country’s history He was succeeded by Feroze Khan Noon as prime minister

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