CENSUS OF 1981 With the fourth census, held in February 1981, Pakistan briefly returned to the decennial approach for counting its population The size of the population was estimated at 84254 million, of whom 60413 million lived in the countryside, and the remaining 23841 million resided in towns and cities The rural population accounted for 717 percent of the total, while the proportion of urban population was on the order of 283 percent Population was estimated to have increased at a rate of 31 percent a year since the third census, held in 1972

The rural population increased at a rate of 28 percent per annum, and that of the urban areas at a rate of 43 percent per annum There were 44232 million men and 40022 million women in Pakistan’s population This means that there were 111 men to 100 women in the population, so the male-female ratio is 111:1, making Pakistan one of the few countries with more men than women

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