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BURKI, SHAHID JAVED (1938- ) Shahid Javed Burki was born in Simla into a well-known Pathan family from Jullundhur, Punjab After joining the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1960, he went to Oxford University a year later, as a Rhodes Scholar In 1967, he went to Harvard University as a Mason Fellow In 1974, he joined the World Bank as senior economist and served in several positions in the organization, including director of the China Department and vice president, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office In August 1993, he advised Moeen Qureshi, the caretaker prime minister, and took an active part in developing the reform program announced on August 19 In November 1996, he was invited by Pres ident Farooq Leghari to take over responsibility for the portfolios of finance, planning, and economic affairs in the caretaker cabinet that took office following the dismissal of the government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto He was credited with the formulation of an ambitious program of structural reforms which was to become the basis for assistance by the International Monetary Fund He returned to the World Bank after the elections of 1997, which brought Mian Nawaz Sharif back to power as prime minister Burki retired from the World Bank in August 1999

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