BURKI, LIEUTENANT GENERAL WAJID ALI KHAN (1899-1989) Lieutenant General Wajid Ali Khan Burki was born in Jullundhur to a prominent Pathan family After graduating from St Andrews University in Scotland, he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps He saw active service in Burma during World War II In 1947, he opted to join the Medical Corps of the Pakistan Army and moved to Rawalpindi In 1955, he was appointed the director general of the corpsGeneral Burki was one of three senior officers of the military who helped General Muhammad Ayub Khan plan the military takeover of October 1958 He joined the first Cabinet of President Ayub Khan as minister for health, labor, and social development A number of reforms were initiated under his watch, and he worked closely with President Ayub Khan and served as his deputy after the departure of General Azam Khan He was appointed Pakistan’s ambassador to Sweden in 1963

He returned to Pakistan three years later and devoted the rest of his life to developing modern medical institutions in the country, including Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical College in Karachi

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