BIJARANI, KHIZAR KHAN (1948- ) Khizar Khan Bijarani was among the new generation of provincial leaders to be given prominent positions in the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the late 1980s This change in the senior personnel of the party was undertaken by Benazir Bhutto after she returned to Pakistan in April 1986 from self-exile in London Bhutto wanted to replace the leadership that was associated with her father with people of her own choosing whom she could trust Bijarani was appointed president of the Sindh PPP and was entrusted with the task of reorganizing the party at the district level and preparing for the elections that were expected to be held in 1990 The party performed poorly in the local government elections held in 1987, however, and Bijarani was held responsible for the embarrassment suffered by Bhutto She asked for his resignation, which she received in January 1988 In his letter of resignation, Bijarani blamed Ms Bhutto for continuous interference in the affairs of the party He maintained that in a democratic party setup, the affairs of the provincial chapter should be solely the responsibility of the provincial president The “Bijarani episode” demonstrated that the Benazir Bhutto style of leadership was similar to that of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, her late father

Like her father, she did not believe in delegating much authority to party officials This style of management was to cause considerable disaffection among the leaders of the party

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