BABAR ZAHEER (1928-1998)

BABAR, ZAHEER (1928-1998) Zaheer Babar was one of a group of pioneering journalists who joined the Progressive Paper Limited (PPL), founded in 1950 by Mian Iftikharuddin He edited Imroze, the Urdu-language newspaper published by PPL before General Muhammad Ayub Khan brought Pakistan under martial law He refused to accept the rigors imposed by the military government and was arrested He was confined in the notorious Lahore Fort prison for some time With the rise of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Zaheer Babar was able to return to active journalism In 1988, he was appointed chief editor of Musawat, an Urdu-language newspaper owned by the PPP Babar also wrote short stories in Urdu Two collections of his stories-Raat ki Roshni and Sheeshey key Aabley-were published and well received by critics He died in Lahore

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