AURAT FOUNDATION The Aurat (Women’s) Foundation was established in Lahore in January 1986 by a group of professional women under the leadership of Nigar Ahmed It is one of the many organizations that sprang up in Pakistan during the time (1977-1988) in which President Zia ul-Haq was in power Zia had encouraged the conservative point of view, that in a Muslim society women’s roles were in the house as wives, mothers, and housekeepers Even after the death of President Zia, Pakistani society continued to be pulled in two different directions Accordingly, the Aurat Foundation concentrated its energies and resources on training women and providing them with information on the economic opportunities available to them The Foundation produced cassettes and videos that women could use to acquire the skills they needed in the marketplace It has also set up “Hamjoli,” a producer cooperative to market simple products that women produce in their homes The Foundation also conducts workshops to familiarize non-governmental organizations working in Pakistan with the problems women face in the country

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