ASKARI HASAN (1924-2005)

ASKARI, HASAN (1924-2005) Born in Delhi and educated at Delhi and Lucknow University, Hasan Askari joined the British Indian Army in the public relations section Released from the army in 1945, he joined the newspaper The Statesman as a staff writer He migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and worked for Radio Pakistan for several years, after which he was inducted into Pakistan army’s Inter-Services Public Relations In 1972, he went first to Paris and then to New Delhi as press counselor in the embassies there Upon returning to Karachi, in 1980, he joined the newspaper Dawn, first as a columnist and then later as assistant editor He wrote insightful columns on South Asian affairs After retiring from the newspaper, he continued to write a weekly column He was the founder member of the Pakistan Writers Guild, which went on to become an influential lobby group for journalists and writers Its influence was notable during the periods in which governments in Islamabad had sought to curb freedom of the press

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