ANWAR KHURSHID (1912-1984)

ANWAR, KHURSHID (1912-1984) Khurshid Anwar was one of the best-known popular musicians of Pakistan His main contribution was to popularize classical music He was born in Lahore and studied philosophy before turning to music He chose Tawakhul Hussain Khan of the Gawaliar Gharana (a music school) as his ustaad (teacher) His first big break came when he was invited to Bombay (Mumbai) by A R Kardar, a well-known producer of Indian musicals, to write the score for Kurmai, a Punjabi production The score was a great success, and Kurshid Anwar stayed with the film industry for the rest of his life He moved to Lahore after the birth of Pakistan and wrote the scores of popular films such as Intizar, Zehr-eIshq, Jhoomar, Koel, Ghoongat, and Heer Ranja His last composition was for Mirza Jat, a Punjabi film

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