AKHTAR HUSSAIN (1914-1986)

AKHTAR HUSSAIN (1914-1986) Akthar Hussain was one of Pakistan’s many civil servants who were to occupy important political positions He was a member of the elitist Indian Civil Service (ICS) and chose to transfer to Pakistan after the country gained independence in 1947 In 1957, Akhtar Hussain succeeded Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani as governor of West Pakistan and stayed in that position even after the country was placed under martial law in 1959 by General Muhammad Ayub Khan In 1959, he was appointed to chair the Land Reform Commission set up by the military government, to bring about a more equitable distribution of land in the country In 1960, Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan of Kalabagh was appointed to succeed Akhtar Hussain as governor of West Pakistan See also LAND REFORMS OF 1959

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