AKHTAR ABDUR RAHMAN KHAN, GENERAL (1926-1988)Akhtar Abdur Rahman Khan was born in a village near Jullundhur in Punjab and joined the Pakistan army soon after Pakistan achieved independence He rose rapidly, especially under President Zia ul-Haq, who appointed him to the critical position of Director General, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Rahman’s ISI functioned as the conduit of arms and funds that flowed to the Afghanistan mujahideen from the United States and Saudi Arabia This assistance was provided to support the mujahideen effort against the occupying forces of the Soviet Union In March 1987, Rahman was promoted to the rank of full general and was appointed by the president to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Rahman was killed in the plane crash which also took the life of President Zia ul-Haq on 17 August 1988 Rahman is survived by four sons, Akbar, Humayun, Haroon, and Ghazi, all of whom lived and worked in the United States while their father was in charge of ISI and was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Upon his death, they returned to Pakistan, and two of his sons, Humayun and Haroon, went into politics

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