AKBAR SAID (c1925-1951)

AKBAR, SAID (c1925-1951) Said Akbar was an unemployed youth from the Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP) who assassinated Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan in Rawalpindi on 16 October 1951 The assassination took place in the Company Bagh-now called Liaqat Bagh-just as the prime minister had begun to address a large public meeting Said Akbar had positioned himself close to the speaker’s dais and was thus able to fire his weapon, a pistol, from close range He was himself caught and shot dead by the police moments after he killed Liaquat Ali Khan Said Akbar left no clues as to his motives for assassinating the prime minister He had arrived in Rawalpindi a day before and had spent the night in a local hotel A commission was set up to investigate the assassination but could not come to any definitive conclusion There was a strong suspicion that the prime minister’s assassination may have been ordered by a group of Punjabi politicians who wanted to capture power at the center

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