AFAQ AHMED (1954- ) Born in Karachi, Afaq Ahmed came under the spell of Altaf Hussain, a muhajir(refugee from India) student leader, who went on to establish the Muhajir Qaumi Mahaz (MQM) For a number of years, Afaq Ahmed was a close associate of Altaf Hussain In 1992, however, he split with the MQM and formed his own faction, the MQM (Haqiqi) It was widely believed that Afaq Ahmed’s move was motivated by the armed forces, which at that point were conducting a campaign against the MQM Afaq Ahmed and his associates, of course, denied any such association with the officialdom After battling both the mainstream MQM and the police for two years, Afaq Ahmed announced a new political program in April 1996 He demanded the establishment of another province in Pakistan, in which the muhajir community would be in a majority

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