ABDALI, AHMAD SHAH (1722-1773) Ahmad Khan, also known as Ahmad Shah Abdali and Baba-i-Afghan (father of the Afghan nation), ruled Afghanistan and surrounding areas for 27 years, from 1746 to 1773 He led expeditions that swept across the mountains into India eight times His expedition in 1752 led to the annexation of Lahore and Multan, thereby extending his sway over the whole of what is today Punjab province in Pakistan His invasions of India had a number of major consequences for the subcontinent They resulted in the sharp decline of the Mughul Empire, the rise of the Marathas in India’s southwest, the rise of the Sikhs in Punjab, and the emergence of Britain’s East India Company as a political power in India According to some Pathan politicians, the use of the name Pukhtunkhawa to describe the Pathan areas is not new; it can be found in the poetry of Ahmad Shah Abdali

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